You are visiting the site of Russian writer Yuri Nesterenko. Unfortunately, most of materials presented here are in Russian.;) But below you can see a list of texts and other stuff which can be interesting to English speaker.
You can also look at my aviation photos and some illustrations to my novels ("Hunting for an Island" and "Time of Sword"), drawn by fans.

Humour 0A programmers
Computer Bible
Hardware Problem
Poems "Enjoy the silence"
"Processing data is the only thing..."
To Optimist in Russia
Song texts (stylizations) Endless Game
Run, Billy, run!
Troops of Satan
Translations Loud Thoughts (self translation)
Islands (Michael Scherbakov)
What a Nightmare...(Michael Scherbakov)
Soft & other stuff The Battle Tetris - cool small DOS game for 2 players; it has Russian doc, but English interface. It is easy to understand, but if you need doc, inform me, I'll write English ver. ;)
TSR jokes - tiny DOS jokes (not viruses or so on!). Written in ancient times, so you need an util to slow down your computer to watch these jokes.
HTMLgen v.2.4 - if you have many files and want to generate an html list of them, use this utility. It also makes thumbnails for you.
DATE.CPP - C++ class for work with DOS filedate format
Cleaner - File garbage collector (set condition and delete matching files through the whole disk)
DBFviewer - tiny DBF viewer
Winamp Castle - skin for Winamp music player.
Bugfix for Crimson Skies Game - restore your lost savefile!

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